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Aerial cargo in Transylvania

Rent Russian helicopters

Rent Helicopters
is proud to offer the services of Mil and Kamov helicopters.
with a lift weight capacity of up to 2 500 kg (external cargo)
Mi-171 helicopters with a lift weight capacity of up to 4 000 kg
Ka-32 helicopters with a lift weight capacity of up to 5 000 kg
Mi-26 helicopters with a lift weight capacity of up to 20 000 kg.
The lift capacity depends upon altitude and temperature. If you have any specific job, let us know the details (location, parking place, refuelling conditions, location of burdens, weights of burdens, possibility of accommodation, helicopter guarding), and we can provide you with an offer.
Generally, we are able to optimize our offer to customer's possibility.

Rent Mil-8 Helicopters

Firefighting Helicopters The multi-purpose helicopter Mil-8 is a medium class aircraft. Its reliability, few needs and convenient use made this helicopter one of the most popular in the world.
Mil-8 is a transport helicopter designed for transporting people and cargo with a total weight of up to 4000 kg (internal cargo). To provide for anti-ice protection, the blades of the main rotor, the anti-torque rotor and the window of the cockpit are equipped with a thermal electrical anti-ice system. The helicopter is equipped with a winch with a capacity of 150 kg and it can be equipped with devices for rolling a cargo pallet with a cargo capacity of 2.5 tons (external cargo) . The helicopter can be equipped with an external load sling system with a capacity of up to 3 tons for transporting large or excessive size cargo. Crew: 3. Passengers 24.

Rent Mil-171 helicopters

Hire a helicopterMil-171 helicopter is the multi-mission helicopter that can be operated everywhere in the world. Mil-171 can be supplied in the following versions: passenger, cargo, search and rescue, ambulance (MEDEVAC), fire-fighting, VIP, military transport. The weight of maximum load: 4000 kg (external cargo). Crew: 3. Passengers 26.
Contact us for more details!


Rent Ka 32 helicopters

Hire a helicopter
Ka-32 helicopter is an autonomous high-power-to-weight-ratio compact air transporter, EASA certified. The Ka-32A has a contrarotating coaxial rotor rather than a main rotor and tail rotor. The coaxial rotor has two three-bladed rotors of diameter 15.9m. The weight of maximum load: 5000 kg (external cargo). Crew: 3.
Contact us for more details!



Rent Mil-10 K helicopters

Hire a helicopterMil-10K is a specialized crane-type helicopter. Mil-10K is designed for transporting large-size cargo inside the fuselage and in the external load sling system. The helicopter can be equipped with hydraulic jacks providing for lifting containers and equipment from the ground (these jacks are equipped with response grippers), and a mount between the undercarriage's legs installed on a specially designed all-purpose platform is used for transporting small cargo. A normal external rope suspension is mounted on Mil-10K designed for a cargo of 8 tons. This helicopter is widely used for mounting towers of electricity transmission lines, filter equipment at chemical factories, radio-relay towers and for other construction and mounting operations.


Rent Mil-26 helicopters

SkybannerA multi-purpose heavy-duty transport helicopter Mil-26 is a third-generation helicopter that continues the line of heavy-duty transport helicopters designed for the transportation of self-propelled and non-self-propelled vehicles and heavy loads inside the cabin and in the external load sling system with a total weigh of up to 20 tons (external cargo). A Mil-26 has a high load ratio and no analogues in the world. Crew: 5. Passengers 82

The pride of Mill's helicopters is their exclusive experience in all manner of construction and installation operations involving heavy air transport and aerial crane work with the Mi-26, Mi-8, and Mi-171 helicopters.
Numerous projects have been the object of intense media attention for their unique characteristics and daunting scale. A recent example of the specialized operations Mil is supremely qualified to carry out was the lifting and transport of an 18 ton prehistoric mammoth carcass, encased in ice, discovered deep in frozen wastes of the frigid North. This project captured global media the headlines.

Mil helicopters see regularly service mounting towers, drilling platforms, trestles and other large-size objects using both rapid-motion loading techniques with grappling gear and slower, precision erection techniques.

Typical operations for Mil helicopters include laying pipelines and positioning cement blocks, installing and replacing large-size air conditioners and frame-support systems for mounting billboards, a wide range of rooftop equipment and infrastructure installation on tall buildings, changing filtration systems at chemical enterprises, and mounting towers for relay and mobile communications.

Cargo lifting operations can be conducted from any open area and does not require special ground infrastructure. Moreover, Mil helicopters workers undertakes all logistic and lift preparation work.



Mil aerial work photo galery (click here)


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